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The Hollywood Approach Masterclass (Beta)

Imagine a zone where you’re in pursuit of your next wildest dream.

You’ll gain clarity, get a badass game plan together, and expedite your results.

THE HOLLYWOOD APPROACH, a masterclass based on my upcoming book, helps you get in that zone.

In four sessions, you’ll learn how to apply the same exact techniques used in Hollywood writers’ rooms to create a kick-ass hero’s journey—for your own life. You’ll get the tools you’ll need for making your life what you know it really can be.

To give you an idea of what kind of shizzle people are making happen, my previous course participants are now:

  • operating their first luxury private food tour & yoga tour in Marrakech
  • finishing their next novel
  • finishing the first season of their dream podcast (with a dream sponsor & goodies to boot!)
  • buying their first “just for me” house
  • launching their next big business venture

I invite you to consider your next wildest dream.

By “next” wildest dream, I don’t mean the biggest dream of your life. Not necessarily. It can be that, or it can be the “next” thing you want to do. Look at it this way, if it’s bigger than getting hamburger tonight and smaller than running for President in 2020, the Hollywood Approach can help you fast forward your way there.

Want to put a Jason Bourne action sequence, some Angela Bassett badassery or Julia Roberts’ mojo to work for you? I’ll show you how.

Here’s the scoop:

When you join the HOLLYWOOD APPROACH MASTERCLASS you’ll get:

  • weekly lecture video & homework assignment (available Fridays starting 4/26)
  • weekly live sessions on Thursdays 3-4 pm ET to ask questions and workshop next steps (starting 5/2)
  • access to private Facebook group to gain support from fellow students
  • 2 private one-on-ones with me, a [$499 value]

FEE: The class is $499, but… there’s a twist.

If you complete* the course, Ill refund your money. That’s the bonus of hanging with us in our beta phase!

*complete =

  1. watch all video lectures (action-packed and to the point like the Bourne franchise, less than 1 hour per week).
  2. attend AND/OR watch all 4 live masterclasses or replays (75 min each).
  3. complete and turn in up to 2 hours of weekly exercises to make progress on your goal.

Time for a little James Bond-meets-self-help in your life?

I’ll show you how.

You in??

Class starts May 30th.


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